Wooden and Bamboo Wallet Phone Cases

iPhone wooden case

We love these wonderful wooden wallet cases we have just in. They come in a variety of wooden finishes, like bamboo, rose wood, padauk wood or zebra wood. They are beautifully crafted and very practical in use. The front of your screen will be very well protected with the velvety inside, whilst the magnet inside will shut down your phone immediately. The magnetic in the front and back will also make sure that when you open the front and fold it over to the back, it will ‘click’ into place so you have no flapping front screen when making a phone call.

The case also acts as a stand so you can watch any videos or movies hands-free. The inside is made of a matt acrylic so that your phone clicks easily into place and making the whole thing light-weight and fits your phone snugly. All-in-all, we love these cases. They are well thought-out, practical and beautiful. The unique grains of the woods will make your case unique and most importantly, they are affordable.

They are now available in iPhone 5/5S, 6/6S, 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S6.