Received a new Phone or iPad for Christmas?

Side and top of Bamboo Wooden wallet case iPhone

Received a new phone or iPad as a Christmas present? Excellent, nice one. Now, to keep it scratch-free and safe, a case or cover to protect it is a very good idea. Don’t like all the plastic stuff? Even better, we specialise in unique bamboo and wooden covers.

We have dark woods, light woods and mixed colour designs (for an explanation on our different woods, look here). We have wallet cases that can also act as a hands-free stand (for watching a film) and have pockets for money and cards. For people that prefer straight access to the screen and less bulky covers, we store single cases in an array of different styles and colours.

All our covers are lightweight so will not make your phone any bulkier or much heavier. Not only will you protect your phone, you will also be supporting a more environmentally friendly product.

We hold stock for iPad Air and iPad Mini, iPhone 5/5S, 6/6S, 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S6.


Bamboo Wooden wallet case iPhone
Rose wooden wallet case iPhone
Walnut Wooden iPhone case cover
iPhone Cherry Wood Case